Atrium Lift Rental

Atrium lift rental is suitable for use indoors and outdoors where access is limited due to working in confined areas.
Suitable for working at heights up-to 160ft atrium lifts can be setup on uneven ground in confined areas where other platforms such as boom lifts and scissor lifts are unable to offer a safe working at height solution.
By combining safe working loads up to 880lbs (400kg) with outreach capabilities up-to 59ft (18m) and maximum working heights of 163ft (49.7m) these versatile machines can offer a sulotion to working at height in the most challenging of environments.
With a wide range of lifting attachments our atrium lifts can be used across a wide range of industry sectors to provide a cost effective solution to working at height that allows work to be carried out quickly and efficiently while minimizing disruption.
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Atrium Lift Rental Can Be Used To Access Heights Up To 160ft