This 93ft Truck Mounted Platform is currently the most compact in our fleet & offers great versatility both on and off site. It can travel to site without the requirement for additional permits. Once on site, its performance data speaks for itself. Boasting all the features of our larger platforms, it really is a heavy weight in disguise.

With a maximum working height of 93ft, outreach capabilities up-to 69ft & the ability to set-up in under 15 minutes this AWP is the most versatile machine in this height range.

Use of our professional operators guarantees maximum utilization of all unique features of our modern, top of the line lifts and assures unsurpassed work crew productivity, job safety and efficiency.

Using this AWP with an Operator is not a problem, however for long term MEWP requirements the 93ft is perfect for bare rental WITHOUT an Operator. All you need is a regular Class D Driver Licence, we will provide the IPAF training and familiarization and with the simple controls you will be good to go. Ahead for Bare Rentals

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Working Range

Max. working height 93ft (28m)

Max. horizontal outreach 62ft (19m)

Workman Basket

Cage dimensions 5.8ft x 2.8ft (1.7m x 0.97m)

Cage rotation +/- 90° from center

Cage capacity 700lbs (300kg)

Maximum wind speed 28MPH (12.5m/s)

Carrier Vehicle & Stowed Dimensions

Gross vehicle weight 24,500lbs (11,100kg)

Length in transport position 28.7ft (8.73m)

Height in transport position 12.9ft (3.93m)

Width in transport position 8.3ft (2.55m)

Permissible inclination

No CDL Required

93ft Truck Mounted Platform Working Range

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