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Case Study:
Blade Platforms &
The Sphere at the Venetian Resort

Case Study: Blade Platforms' Vital Role in The Sphere's LEP Display Installation

In the heart of Las Vegas, The Sphere, a colossal 366-foot-tall and 516-foot-wide entertainment marvel, was built by Madison Square Garden Entertainment.

Blade Platforms, North America’s leading provider of truck-mounted lift solutions, was entrusted with assisting in the precise installation of LEP (LED) display panels inside and outside the sphere shaped structure, through the use of two of our 90 Meter High Ruthmann truck mounted aerial lifts.

The Ruthmann 90m Truck Mounted Lift Machine: Scaling New Heights

For The Sphere project, Blade Platforms deployed two 90-meter Ruthmann machines, showcasing their commitment to providing state-of-the-art equipment. These towering machines were not only instrumental in installing LEP display panels throughout the interior of The Sphere but also played a critical role in the exterior displays. Their adaptability and precision allowed for the seamless placement of LEP display panels in even the most intricate locations within The Sphere’s massive interior and on its impressive exterior surface.

Bucket Trucks For Stadiums and Arenas

Blade Platforms’ Fleet Of Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts: A Perfect Match For The Las Vegas Sphere’s LEP Display Needs.

Blade Platforms, known for its extensive fleet of truck-mounted lifts, offered a unique solution for The Sphere project. With a range of equipment reaching up to 336 feet in height and extending laterally for up to 115 feet, Blade Platforms was the natural choice for handling the complexities of installing the thousands of curved and flat LEP display panels at varying heights and angles inside of the MSG Sphere.

The ability of truck mounted lifts to provide both height and reach made them the go-to machine for executing precise installations in this colossal structure. Not only are truck mounted lifts mobile & agile, but they are also very efficient when compared to the use of cranes.


With Blade Platforms Locations throughout North America, we are able to handle the needs of all our Aerial Work Platform Clients.