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Aerial Work Platform Common Questions

Where is Blade Platforms Located?

Blade Platforms main office and service center is in Abilene, TX. We do however have regional depots and staging areas across the country to best serve our customers.

What areas can Blade Platforms deliver/operate equipment in?

We can deliver and operate anywhere in the US. We have the ability to deliver and operate globally.

What industries does Blade Platforms support?

Blade Platforms was originally built on the renewable sector, mainly Wind Energy. Over the years we have grown into other industries, such as Refineries/PetroChem, T&D (Transmission and Distribution), Construction, Aerospace, Nuclear, Coal and are excited about entering new industries that are yet unfamiliar with our current industry offering.

What notable companies has Blade Platforms worked with?

Exxon, BP, Shell, GE, Siemens, Vestas, Nordex, NextEra, SpaceX, Amazon, Aecom, Turner, MJ Electric…

Why Blade Platforms over other crane and lift companies?

First of all, our safety record – we do own and operate heavy equipment, but we are a people company first. As far as other lift companies go, we are the largest CO in the US with the most comprehensive fleet of aerial lifts.

What certifications does Blade Platforms carry?

We carry all standard industry certificates but as part of our enhanced safety systems, we have adopted additional global standards such as IPAF, ISO and GWO.

What types of Machinery does Blade Platforms offer?

We specialize in truck mounted platforms over 150ft. Our fleet consists of Bronto, Palfinger and Ruthmann MEWPs reaching up to 333ft. In addition to aerial platforms, we also offer atrium lifts (spiders) 30-160ft.

What brands of equipment does Blade Platforms sale?

Bronto, Palfinger, Ruthmann, Palazanni, Socage, Versalift, Altec

Does Blade Platforms offer training for Spider Lifts, Cranes and Equipment?

Yes we do. We offer training for all range of equipment we provide.

Where are Blade Platforms Machines Manufactured?

Depending on brand – US, Germany, Finland or Italy.

Does Blade Platforms offer equipment outside of the US?

We are US focused but have the ability to deliver equipment globally. Through our network of sister organizations, we are heavily represented in Europe with emphasis on UK.

What is the typical time for delivery of equipment?

That very much depends on size of equipment and regional restrictions. In general, we can deliver an available machine within 3-7 days.

Is there a return policy if the equipment we rented doesn’t work?

There is but that is a last resort option, and we haven’t had a piece of equipment come back for that reason. We work hard to maintain our up-time levels. In addition, we have remote dial-in on all our machines that will remedy about 90% of all issues. For the rest, there is a mobile team that can be deployed within hours.

What else comes with rentals from Blade Platforms?

Quality assurance and training bringing peace of mind.

Does Blade Platforms offer training for operator licenses and IPAF certification?

Yes, we do. That is something that needs to be schedules because the certifying bodies have certain audit requirements.

What kind of training do operators at Blade Platform go through?

Our training is very extensive. It starts with classroom work and moves into hand-on operating, troubleshooting, maneuvering, and testing. While one can learn the basic operations within a week, to become a lead-operator generally takes about 6-9months.

What is the lead time for a job?

We do our best to satisfy the unplanned or unscheduled work and most of the time we can cover for our customers. In general, most jobs are scheduled 3-6 months out with some being as far as 2 years.

I need help specifying my machine, what are my options?

We will gladly help. Our engineering department will help spec a machine based on working envelope and/or site survey.

Can a Boom Lift Be Used As a Crane?

Boom is not crane as it is designed to lift people. Most of our lifts, however, do have the ability to lift lighter loads with special attachments.

Can Aerial Lifts Hold More Than One Person?

Yes they can. Our lifts offer an extendable basket, so the limiting factor is weight. We have had as many as 5 people in the basket.

Can I Operate an Aerial Lift in High Winds and Other Inclement Weather Conditions?

Yes, the lifts are equipped with computers that calculate loads based on wind conditions. Rain for example main not be comfortable for people but has no effect on the machine. None of these should be operated in proximity to lighting storms.

Can Aerial Lifts Tip Over? What safety precautions does Blade Platforms provide?

An aerial lift will NOT turn over IF used by competent trained people and in the correct manner.  It is important our machines are rigged on firm ground using the correct outrigger pads to spread the load and reduce point loadings.  The surface area can be increased using over sized mats and lumber where necessary.  Truck Mounted Access Platforms have exceptional reach capabilities, however this would never compromise the stability of the aerial platform due to the latest computerized limitations and sensors we have on each of our vehicle mounted aerial platform’s. We can achieve the best heights and outreach in the industry while still keeping everyone safe.  Incase of an emergency situation the computerized limitations on any machine can be overridden to allow a machine and personnel to be recovered to the ground, however this should only be done by competent and trained people, and always with the support of Blade Platforms Technical Department.  Blade Platforms “Ahead for Safety.”

Does OSHA Require Aerial Lift Training?

Yes, it does. There is additional standard governed by ANSI and IPAF as well. In addition to all these, certain customer or sites may require secondary training.

Does Blade Platforms Offer Quality Assurance and Training?

Yes, Working at height is an extreme industry.  Competence and Ability is Critical. Our operators are trained specifically to Manufacturer Standards for each piece of equipment and this includes detailed in-depth Emergency Lowering Procedures.  Further to this our people undergo rigorous internal training sessions including the Blade Machine Stability Module specifically created to further enhance safety on a job site.  Blade Platforms trains operators to IPAF standards and further adopts and implements any industry specific training required to work on a client site.