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Blade Platforms’ Vital Role in The Sphere’s LEP Display Installation

Las Vegas, NV – Blade Platforms, a leading provider of truck-mounted lift solutions in North America, has proudly contributed to the awe-inspiring installation of LEP (LED) display panels in The Sphere, a first of it’s kind immersive sphere shaped entertainment marvel located in the heart of Las Vegas. The Sphere, a project by Madison Square Garden Entertainment, has become an iconic landmark, and Blade Platforms played a crucial role in its interior and exterior display installations.

Two 90-Meter High Ruthmann Truck Mounted Aerial Lifts Take Center Stage

Blade Platforms demonstrated its commitment to state-of-the-art equipment with the deployment of two 90-meter Ruthmann truck-mounted lift machines for The Sphere project. These towering machines not only facilitated the installation of LEP display panels throughout the interior but also played an indispensable role in adorning the exterior surface of The Sphere. Their adaptability and precision enabled the seamless placement of LEP display panels in even the most intricate locations within the colossal structure.

The Perfect Match for The Sphere’s LEP Display Needs

Blade Platforms, renowned for its extensive fleet of truck-mounted lifts, provided a unique solution for The Sphere project. With equipment that can reach heights from 93 feet all the way to 336 feet, Blade Platforms was the natural choice for handling the complexities of installing thousands of curved and flat LEP display panels at varying heights and angles inside Madison Square Garden’s Las Vegas Sphere. The versatility of truck-mounted lifts, offering both height and reach, made them the ideal choice for executing precise installations within this extraordinary structure. Moreover, they demonstrated their mobility and agility while maintaining exceptional efficiency compared to conventional crane methods.

Blade Platforms’ involvement in The Sphere project underscores its position as a leading provider of truck-mounted lift solutions in North America and highlights its commitment to delivering cutting-edge equipment for even the most ambitious and intricate projects.

About Blade Platforms

Blade Platforms is North America’s trusted provider of truck-mounted lift solutions. With a wide range of equipment and a commitment to excellence, Blade Platforms has become the go-to choice for projects of all sizes, from arenas and stadiums to massive entertainment structures like The Sphere when they require the use of aerial work platforms and truck mounted lifts.


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