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Palfinger WT1000 Aerial Lift

Blade Platforms

Palfinger WT1000 Aerial Lift

Blade Platforms proudly stands as the unparalleled leader in the aerial lift industry, holding the most extensive fleet of aerial lifts exceeding 100 meters in height in the world. Our commitment to superior technology and operational excellence is evident through our choice of the Palfinger Wt1000 (103 meters) lifts over the Bronto S341HLA (104 meter) lifts. Here’s why the Palfinger WT1000 units outperform the competition, offering unmatched versatility and safety in aerial access operations.

  1. All-Terrain Chassis Capabilities: The Palfinger Wt1000 lifts showcase exceptional adaptability in navigating various challenging ground conditions. Their robust design and cutting-edge engineering allow them to traverse terrains where the Bronto S341HLA lifts might encounter difficulties, ensuring seamless operations in any environment.

  2. Operational Flexibility in the USA: With a fleet of eight 103 meter or 336 foot units strategically positioned across the United States, Blade Platforms offers unparalleled operational flexibility. This expansive coverage ensures swift and efficient access to our state-of-the-art lifts, enabling clients to meet project demands promptly and effectively.

  3. Enhanced Lateral Outreach Performance: A significant distinguishing feature of the Palfinger WT1000 lifts is their remarkable lateral outreach performance, surpassing the Bronto S341HLA lifts by a considerable margin. The Palfinger boasts an outstanding side reach of 118 meters, providing a substantial 10-meter advantage over the Bronto’s 108 meters. This extended reach is instrumental in accessing challenging areas and completing tasks with unmatched efficiency.

  4. Palfinger Emergency System: The Palfinger WT1000 103m lifts integrate the advanced Palfinger Emergency System, facilitating effortless and secure lowering of all booms from ground level in override mode, exclusively accessible to approved personnel. This feature ensures convenience and safety during emergency situations. In contrast, the Bronto lifts’ upper booms can be challenging to lower in emergencies, at times requiring a second platform for valve access—a safety concern and potential field hindrance.

At Blade Platforms, our unwavering commitment to excellence and safety drives our preference for the Palfinger 103m lifts. The unmatched capabilities, superior outreach, and advanced safety features of the Palfinger WT1000 firmly establish our position as the premier provider of aerial access solutions. Discover the unparalleled difference with Blade Platforms, where innovation converges with reliability, setting new industry benchmarks in aerial lift operations.

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