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Why IPAF Training Matters

When it comes to construction safety, especially aerial work platforms and powered access equipment, safety should be the top priority. From proper operator training to routine annual maintenance it’s important for any operator or aerial access worker to have the latest training.

IPAF is a leading provider of quality standard training for powered access machinery. IPAF – The International Powered Access Federation and is a not-for-profit organization that provides vital industry training for powered access equipment. The organization promotes the safe and effective use of equipment; through providing technical advice and information. Blade Platforms is proud to be IPAF Certified.

With ever increasing work at height regulations, you must ensure that as a MEWP operator, you’re trained to use machinery safely and effectively and keep up to date with current legislations. The IPAF training program for platform operators takes care of this for you and this organization sees more than 90,000 operators being trained each year, and have in excess of 450 IPAF approved training centers.

MEWPs provide access to challenging areas in construction sites. But because of their weight, size and mechanical nature, they pose a hazard unless an operator has undergone proper training. The proper training will help an MEWP operator to evaluate risks, make up an emergency procedure and establish a rescue plan that can be easily implemented.

There are numerous benefits in taking IPAF training courses. Let’s look at some of these:

  • Ensures that operators know how to safely use the platform. This means that a trained operator ensures that the machinery is placed in a proper position, which guarantees the greatest safety of the user and other people. Safety also means knowing the best lanyard and safety harness to use when using the platform.
  • Provide a solid foundation for machinery use. Regardless of how carefully an operator sets up a MEWP, there are still risks involved, and accidents can still happen. Thus, knowing the machine being operated is very important, which is covered by IPAF training courses.
  • Guarantees the safety of other people working around the platform. Large machinery comes with potential injury and damage, which may involve people other than the operator. Because of such risks of large machinery, it’s crucial that emergency procedures are put in place. Although no one would wish to use these procedures, they’re still important. To establish such procedures, recognizing potential risks is essential, which should be provided by an IPAF training course. Thus, a trained operator is expected to immediately recognize risks and know how to act during emergency situations.
  • Provide skills and knowledge required to recognize hazards. An IPAF training course is crucial in providing knowledge to see potential hazards, as well as create a rescue plan that can be easily performed by people around the working area. A rescue plan is essential in case an operator becomes stuck between a building and platform. The rescue plan will retrieve the operator without adding to or exacerbating sustained injuries.

 The International Powered Access Federation or IPAF, is an organization that encourages the safe use of powered access equipment, also known as Mobile Elevated Working Platform or MEWP. Anyone working at height is encouraged to obtain this training certification. IPAF doesn’t provide training themselves, but there are many training centers available globally.

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Over the last 30 years we have proven in Europe that MEWPs/AWPs are the safest and most efficient way aerial height access. Since 2009 this concept is finally available here in the US. We have transformed the aerial lift industry by owning, leasing and operating a reliable fleet of MEWPs/AWPs in North America. Our fleet consists of top-of-the-line truck-mounted aerial platforms ranging from 108 feet to 336 feet and tracked spider lifts ranging from 50 feet to 165 feet.

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